Homeschoolers and Adults

Self-Paced Study (Ages 12 -105)

Learn Latin in four courses at your own pace, on your own time, with no set meetings.

  • 12-month subscription
  • Video Lectures
  • Online self-graded exercises
  • Illustrated vocabulary & grammatical memory cards
  • Guided readings
  • Comprehensive practice assessments
  • PC, Mac, iOS, or Android compatible
  • Level I & II / III & IV

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Seminary-Level Credit

(Davenant Latin Institute)
  • Receive seminary-level credit through Davenant Latin Institute partner institutions
  • NSA Latin materials augmented Latin Bible and other theological readings
  • $120-$190 per credit hour
  • Students attend a weekly recitation through live video feed with an instructor.
  • Students complete lessons and assessments online on their own time.
  • Intermediate and Advanced options also available
  • Find more information on Latin programs from the Davenant Latin Institute¬†here.

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