St. Andy’s Latin Companion

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 “St. Andy’s Latin Companion is a powerful tool for building Latin comprehension and fluency.  The components are very effective on their own.  Picta Dicta Vocabulary Builder is and ideal addition for stocking students’ minds with Latin concepts almost without them realizing it.  St. Andy’s Latin Companion is a dynamic and engaging presentation of grammar concepts, but its greatest strength is the smart practice system that teaches practical application of grammar concepts.   I hadn’t taught Latin for a few years, and this program was a great help to me; I was able to brush up and learn efficiently, and the program gave students masterful grammar instruction and vocabulary practice customized to each student.  I can’t recommend this program highly enough.  This is the smart way to bring all the tools at our disposal to bear on teaching classically in the modern world." –Eugene King (Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy)
Create a flipped classroom model
Homework is fun and engaging
One teacher can cover an entire school Latin program
Latin becomes a strong program


St. Andy’s Latin Curriculum Companion is a powerful tool for the classroom.

Create a flipped classroom model

Decrease grading load

Know how your students are progressing

Have more class time for discussion & practice

Use  along side your favorite curriculum

Supplemental tools available


Students are given the tools for memorizing important grammatical concepts of Latin.

Students can practice on an inexpensive tablet, a computer or a phone.

Homework is fun and engaging

Students come to class prepared

Teacher know how students are doing before a quiz


Administrators, save money by enabling one teacher to do the job of two without an extra load.

Decrease your teacher’s grading load

Create a flipped classroom model for varied class schedule

Several grades can use the same curriculum at a different pace

Early detection of a struggling student


St. Andy’s Latin Companion is a subscription product.
Classroom license:  $100.00 annually with a $15 per student annual fee (a class of 20 is only $400 annually or we can set up a monthly payment).

Subscription Service Includes

Access to all students using program

Access to homework and quiz results

Access to progress reports for each student

Access to program for use in the classroom (overhead)

Individual account for each student

Memory devices accessible at anytime in the classroom or at home

Sample Grammar Video

Student Learning Side

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